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Boy Names

Top 100 Baby Boy Names in 2008

** Based on a Parental Survey
Rank Name Origin Names Meaning
1 Aiden/Aidan/Aden/Adan Irish Little Fire
2 Ethan Hebrew Firm; Strong
3 Noah Hebrew Rest; Peace
4 Kaden/Caden/Cayden/Kayden American Fighter
5 Caleb/Kaleb Hebrew Rage Like a Dog
6 Braden/Brayden/Braeden/Braydon/Braedan English From the Wide Valley
7 Jacob/Jakob Hebrew Supplanter
8 Landon English From the Long Hill
9 Liam Irish Strong-weilled Warrior
10 Lucas/Lukas Greek From Lucania
11 Connor/Conner/Conor Irish Wolf Lover
12 Benjamin English Son Of My Right Hand
13 Jackson English Son Of Jack
14 Alexander Greek Defender Of The People
15 Gavin English White Hawk
16 Gabriel Hebrew God Is My Strength
17 Elijah Hebrew The Lord Is My God
18 Owen Welsh Desire Born
19 Tristan/Tristen Welsh Tumult
20 Oliver English Elf Army
21 William English Strong-willed Warrior
22 Logan Irish From The Hollow
23 Dylan/Dillon/Dillan Welsh Son Of The Sea
24 Jack English Diminutive Form Of John Or Jackson
25 Nathan Hebrew He Gave
26 Andrew Greek Manly
27 Matthew/Mathew English Gift Of God
28 Jayden/Jaden American Form Of Jaden
29 Joshua Hebrew God Is Salvation
30 Chase/Chace English Hunter
31 Aaron/Aron Hebrew Exalted; Strong
32 Cole/Kole English/td> Victory Of The People
33 James Hebrew Supplanter
34 Nicholas/Nicolas Greek Victory Of The People
35 Zachary/Zachery/Zackery Hebrew God Has Remembered
36 Colin English Diminutive Form Of Nicholas
37 Ryan Irish King
38 Dominic/Dominick Latin Belonging To God
39 Nathaniel Hebrew Gift Of God
40 Adam Hebrew Of The Earth
41 Samuel Hebrew His Name Is God
42 Isaac Hebrew He Will Laugh
43 Mason French Stone Worker
44 Luke Greek From Lucania
45 Elliot/Eliot/Elliott English The Lord Is My God
46 Grayson/Greyson English Son Of The Grey-Haired One
47 Asher Hebrew Blessed; Happy
48 Carter English Driver Of A Cart
49 Daniel Hebrew God Is My Judge
50 Evan Welsh God Is Good
51 Wyatt English Son Of Guy
52 Ian Scottish God Is Gracious
53 Sebastian/Sebastien Greek Venerable
54 Michael Hebrew Who Is Like God?
55 Micah Hebrew Who Is Like God?
56 Seth Hebrew Appointed
57 Henry German Ruler Of The Home
58 Christopher Greek Christ-bearer
59 Adrian/Adrien Latin Person From Hadria (Northern Italy)
60 Damien/Damian Greek To Tame; Subdue
61 Hayden English From The Hay Downs
62 Tyler English Tile Maker
63 Xavier Latin The New House
64 Parker English Park Keeper
65 Joseph Hebrew God Will Increase
66 David Hebrew Beloved
67 Colton English Cole's Town
68 Finn/Fynn Irish Fair
69 Rileyl Irish Descendant Of Roghallach
70 Isaiah Hebrew God Is Salvation
71 Brandon/Branden English From The Broom Hill
72 Brody Scottish Name Of A Scottish Castle
73 Jonah Hebrew A Dove
74 Anthony Latin Of Unknown Meaning
75 Hunter English One Who Hunts
76 Miles/Myles Latin Soldier
77 Thomas Greek A Twin
78 Cameron Scottish Bent Nose
79 Holden English From The Hollow In The Valley
80 Jason/Jayson Greek Healer
81 Blake English Pale Blond One Or Dark
82 Bryce/Brice English Speckled
83 Max/Maxx Latin Greatest
84 John Hebrew God Is Gracious
85 Austin English Great
86 Jake Hebrew Supplanter
87 Levi Hebrew Joined In Harmony
88 Gage English Measurer
89 Justin English Just; Fair
90 Christian English Follower Of Christ
91 Eli Hebrew Height
92 Carson/Carsen/Karson American Christian
93 Garrett Englishn Spear Rule
94 Edward English Wealthy Guardian
95 Joel Hebrew God Will Be Willing
96 Maddox English Son Of Madog
97 Cooper English Barrel Maker
98 Xander Greek Defender Of The People
99 Ryder/Rider English Knight; Mounted Warrior
100 Jasper English Treasurer

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